about us

our values

The foundation of the Eliahu Group's success has been the core business values and philosophy of Mr. Shlomo Eliahu and the Eliahu family.

These values include:

  • Long-Term View: The Group's business strategies and operating practices derive from a long term goal of maximizing the success of constituent businesses for the benefit of partners, associates, employees, customers, and family members
  • Team Work: We believe in hiring well-qualified individuals, communicating our expectations, and then giving them the resources and independence they need to perform at a high level. Our management style stresses involvement without unnecessary interference.
  • Uncompromising Standards of Honesty, Credibility and Respect: In Eliahu we believe that honesty, credibility and respect form the foundation of successful relationships both at the personal and corporate levels.
  • Pursuit of Efficiency: In running the Group's businesses, management strives to minimize "process" and bureaucracy wherever possible. To this end, clear goals and targets are set, decision-making processes are expedited, and a lean, efficient management structure is maintained.
  • Contribution to the Israeli Economy: We work to support the realization of Israel achieving its potential as a leading international center of financial technologies.

A long-term view based on teamwork, honesty, credibility, dignity & social responsibility