about us


Eliahu Holdings was founded in 1965. After beginning his career as a messenger in an insurance company, our Chairman, Mr. Shlomo Eliahu, began selling insurance policies at the age of 16, and, in 1959, founded a successful underwriting agency. In 1965, Mr. Eliahu founded the Group's flagship, Eliahu Insurance Company, the first firm to be granted an Insurer's License by the State of Israel. With a unique strategy focused on tailor-made products and superb customer service, Eliahu Insurance succeeded and grew rapidly.

In the 1990s, Mr. Eliahu began expanding beyond the insurance industry and established a significant presence in Israel's banking sector. In 1992, the Eliahu Group acquired a 27.12% interest in Union Bank, the country's sixth largest.

In 1999, the Eliahu acquired a 9.59% share in Bank Leumi, thereby becoming its largest shareholder. In June 2010.

Mr. Eliahu's personal standards of hard work, honesty and creativity, along with his deep love for Israel and its pioneer vision, are reflected in the Eliahu Group's significant philanthropic activities. The project most closely associated with the Group is Aleh, Israel's largest network of residential facilities for children with severe physical and cognitive disabilities. In addition, Mr. Eliahu is a Trustee of the Tel Aviv University, from which he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Philosophy degree in 2010 for his lifetime achievements in the areas of industry and community service.

Strong roots in insurance and financial services